Saturday, September 24, 2011

The future of Music, according to Nick Cannon and N'credible Entertainment

 Music can be as intense as the sun, and as powerful, as the ocean. It can bring us out of depression or give a perspective needed to reach our goals.  As time goes by, we are shown musicians and artists in the world, that are selfish and uncommitted to their expression of their art. Their topics are narrow minded and have no place in a world of people, that need to be more disciplined, yet need to have more fun. We need things to change in the music world. We need the people of the world to be feed a frequency of energy that lifts their souls to a place that allows them to grow to their peak, then pushes farther into the unknown reaches of their mind, creating a place where all things can be seen and heard with clarity, and an understanding of a better future for our planet!
  The time for a major change, to our music, is coming, and Nick Cannon's Label, N'credible Entertainment is paving the way, becoming the forefront, of the entire entertainment industry. With the lineup of young artists he has put together, in the last few years, all surfacing, now, as he and N'credible Entertainment prepare to change the face of music as we know it. In a recent interview Nick was quoted as saying, "I plan on making N'credible Entertainment as big as Bad Boy and Young Money!".
   With the help of Chasing Amazing Entertainment-Marketing and Promotions, family, friends, and various businesses advertising the N'credible logo, Nick Cannon and all of N'credible plan to take the world by storm, integrating their strategy for world domination, creating their rightful place at the top of the entertainment industry.


N'credible Hero (featuring Nick Cannon) " Lets Party" video

New Boys and Four Count " Better with the Lights off" video

Rydaz n Artists "Lost" with GQ Ryda and Ruben Cannon - video

Rangers (featuring Nick Cannon) " Swimmin" video

Colette Carr " We do it Primo" video

Chasing Amazing Entertainment-Marketing and Promotions

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Most Amazing New Group From Ncredible Entertainment!

  I was at the filming in downtown L.A. last week and saw 4-Count making their new Video "Good To Be Bad". I was really impressed with the amount of dancing I witnessed from the New "Boy Band".   Four-Count  comes from Nick Cannons Label, N'credible!  The new track had everyone dancing and humming along. All of the members have style, grace, and voiced their opinions on how grateful they were to the help, and the crew that created the night time, urban-warehouse look for the Hot New Video.
  Four Count consists of Sonny Fredie Pederson, Aaron Scott, Adam Ackerman and Kieran Ackerman. The group sings and dances better than most that have come before them.  I had a blast hanging out with the group after the video, and was invited back for another video shoot next month.
 Check out more about 4 Count ( Four Count ), 
 Ncredible Entertainments Hot New Group at:!/Official4count
Kieran Ackerman

Aaron Scott

Sonny Pedersen

Adam Ackerman